6 Reasons to Consider a Custom Tuxedo for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want your wedding attire to project confidence and elegance on your big day. Many men don’t think they’ll wear a tuxedo very often, so they decide to borrow or rent their tux. The problem – this often leads to an uncomfortable fit, and an ill-fitting tux doesn’t look great in person or in those wedding photos. While it’s an investment, a better option is to choose custom tuxedos. Trying to decide if it’s worth your money? Here’s a look at just a few of the big reasons to give a custom wedding tuxedo some serious consideration.  


Reason #1 – Ensure the Perfect Fit 

If you choose custom suits, a tailor will take your measurements and build that tux specifically to your body. You’ll never get a fit like this buying off the rack, even if you choose to have a suit tailored after you buy it. The right fit is key to making sure you look great for your wedding, and a custom tux is the only way to make sure you get that perfect fit. 


Reason #2 – Customize Your Style 

Another reason to go with a custom tuxedo for wedding is that you get the chance to customize your style. From the type of cut you want to the lapel width, you’ll be in control when creating a custom suit. You’ll also have the chance to pick cuts you won’t find in the store, such as a classic French cut – a combination of today’s traditional and slim-fit styles. 


Reason #3 – Black-Tie Elegance is Always In Style 

Black-tie elegance is always in style, and when you go with custom tuxedos, you’ll have something that’ll never go out of style. Tuxedos are ageless, and today’s fashion-forward designers offer great ways to make this classic look modern without sacrificing any of the tux’s enduring appeal. 


Reason #4 – It’s a Great Lifetime Investment 

Think of a custom tux as an investment. They can actually last a lifetime when made of high-caliber materials and with top craftsmanship. A good tuxedo is designed to be worn for special occasions throughout your lifetime. Even if you think renting a tux is cheaper, when you add up renting multiple times in your lifetime, your custom tuxedo can actually pay off in the long run. 


Reason #5 – Choose from Quality Materials 

When you go to a tailor, you’ll find that they offer many quality materials – far more than you’ll find on the rack in a menswear store. You’ll be able to choose the perfect material for your tux so it’s extra-special. Even if you have a tight wedding budget, you can go with a simpler, budget-friendly material and still end up with a quality tux that looks and fits perfectly for your big day. 


Reason #6 – It’s About the Details 

You’re in charge when you commission a custom tux, and that means you can have fun choosing all the details you’ve wanted to have in a fine suit. Whether you’d like some extra pockets inside your jacket or you’d like a different type of vent, you get the chance to get a tux that’s personalized to your style and your desires. 


At Enzo Custom, you’ll get true custom tuxedos. They’re not simply “made to measure” like many of our competitors. We’ll book an appointment with you, you’ll visit one of our five locations, and we’ll get your measurements, help you choose fabrics, and work with you on selecting the customizations that will complement your body and unique style. If you’re planning a wedding, contact us today, and we’ll help you book an appointment so you can enjoy all the benefits of a custom tux on your big day.

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