Buying a Custom Tuxedo: Everything You Need to Know

It might seem like a suit is good enough for every occasion. But there are certain times where you might need a tuxedo. At one point or another, you may get invited to a wedding—as more of your friends decide to settle down—or an important black-tie fundraiser or awards dinner. Who knows; maybe you’ll end up at the Oscars one day.

The point is, times can come up in your life when you’ll need a tuxedo instead of your work suit. So whether you wait until that occasion comes or you want to get ahead of the game, you’ll need to know how to buy this particular kind of custom clothing. That’s what this guide is for.

Choose A Custom Tuxedo

If you’re confused about the difference between a tux and a nice suit, the main distinction is satin details on the tux. You’ll find this fabric on the lapel of the jacket, and it can also be a detail on the pockets, buttons, and pant legs.

Just like custom suits are the best in terms of fit, form, and style, you’ll want a custom tux to complement your wardrobe. This way, you’ll look your absolute best, show off your personal style, guarantee the best fit, and stand apart from other tuxes. With that in mind, you will need to pick all the pieces of your custom tux to maximize your personal fashion sense. All tuxes might seem the same, but they have different components and details you can choose from.

Pick Your Pieces

Some parts of a tuxedo are set in stone while others are optional.

You need the jacket and pants, along with the accessories covered in the next section. You can personalize the jacket by picking from the lapels you would be used to on a suit; shawl or peaked lapels are preferable, as the notched type isn’t formal enough for a tux. The shawl lapel without a noticeable cut or notch is popular and classy, while the peaked lapel is somewhat less formal but still looks great.

No vents are the standard when it comes to tuxedo jackets, but side vents are also acceptable.

The other features, including the buttons and pockets, tend to be standard to a tux rather than personalized. For the pants, you can pick whether they are pleated or flat-fronted. A satin stripe down each of the sides is normally standard as well.

Other than that, you get to decide whether you want the optional pieces. You could add a vest or cummerbund to go under the jacket. You can also pick a pocket square or skip one.


To get the full look, it’s not just about the tuxedo itself. You’ll ruin the look completely if you don’t pair it with a quality white dress shirt, preferably choosing custom shirts. You also need a black bow tie—with a matching finish to the tuxedo’s satin detail—and black patent leather dress shoes. It’s also not a bad idea (but still optional) to have cufflinks and a nice watch.

You’ll be able to pick from different styles for your accessories to personalize your tux.

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