Custom Prom Tuxedos – The Ultimate Guide to the Latest Trends

Prom season is nearly here and it's time to get ready. While you're probably thinking about planning a great after-party, getting a limo, and most importantly who to ask, you definitely want to spend some time deciding what you're going to wear. You'll need a great prom tuxedo so you impress your date and look your best. The good news is there are some cool trends in tuxedos and suits for prom this year. To make sure you're current on the most recent styles (and to make sure you don't choose a prom suit that's so last year), we've put together the ultimate guide to the latest prom trends.

Go Modern With A Slim Black Tux

If you prefer a modern look, a slim black prom tuxedo is a perfect choice, and you'll never go wrong when you choose classic black. The ultra-slim fit gives a traditional tux a more modern feel, too. The great thing about going with black is that you'll definitely match whatever your date decides to wear to the prom. Once you know what she's wearing, choose a pocket square in a color that matches her outfit to complete your look.


Try A Bold Look And Choose Red

Are you a guy who likes to go bold? Then go with a tux jacket or prom suit jacket in brilliant red. You'll look incredible if you combine black pants with a bold red tuxedo jacket. Choose pants in a slim fit to make sure your jacket gets the spotlight.

If red isn't your thing, you can still go with a pop of color that isn't so loud with your tuxedo. You can go for a color you like that is a bit more subdued such as navy blue, cobalt blue, or even granite. You'll still stand apart from the crowd if you choose a bit of color.

Glam It Up With An Ivory Tux

If your goal is a glam, elegant look, an ivory prom tuxedo may be just the thing. Rock a head-to-toe ivory look to shine through a crowd, or if it seems a bit much for your style, simply choose a tux jacket in ivory and wear it with a pair of slim black pants. Ivory is a better choice than pure white; the look is a bit warmer and more elegant. It's also a great choice if you happen to live in a warmer area. Add a bow tie in classic black to complete your prom look.

Kick It Back To The '70s With A Plaid Prom Suit

Another fun trend in suits for prom is the plaid suit. This suit will take you back to trends from the 1970s, which happen to be hot again right now. Go with a grey plaid suit to keep it looking good, even in bad company. You can add a vest if you want the three-piece look, or you can go with black loafers and a skinny tie for something a little more minimalist. If your style is a bit edgier, add black boots to your plaid suit for a rock 'n' roll vibe.

Going For A Custom Tuxedo

Don't hesitate to contact Enzo Custom today to book your complimentary private appointment at one of our showrooms. We'll help you find the perfect suit or tuxedo so you're proud of how you look on your big night.No matter what style you want for your prom, consider going with a custom prom tuxedo. "Why go custom?" you may ask yourself. Well, a custom tux or suit ensures that you have the best possible fit since they will be made to your specific measurements. Prom is a big life event, and you want to look your best, so in addition to investing in a custom tux, consider pairing it with a custom dress shirt as well. You'll feel amazing, your pictures will look stunning, and you'll impress your date with your style.


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