How To Buy A Custom Suit Online - The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for a way to up your style game, a made-to-measure, custom suit is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. However, figuring out how to buy a custom suit takes a bit of knowledge. What should you look for? What type of details do you want? What do you need to know about suit construction?


To help you buy a custom suit, we’ve put together a helpful guide packed with tips to help you get the custom fitted suit you want.


Choose a Fabric You Love

You’ll need to choose a fabric for your custom suit, and all the fabric selections can be a little intimidating. Don’t make it too complicated — go with your gut. Pay attention to how the fabric feels and choose something that you’ll love wearing.


Go Natural with Your Trims

Plastic buttons and other trims can look a bit cheap on a custom fitted suit. Instead, consider going with natural trims like shell or horn buttons. They’re not just better looking, they’re resistant to damage and a better environmental choice, too.


Pick a Natural Lining

If you’re buying a custom suit online, all you have to do is read a few custom suit reviews and you’ll find that choosing the right lining is essential. The wrong lining will make you sweat — that’s not what you want at a big work meeting or a formal event. Choose a lining made of natural fibers. They help to reduce heat and static.


Don’t Go for Glue

When it comes to the structure and construction of your suit, don’t go for anything that uses glue. Glued interfacing can separate over time, leaving that suit looking bad. A quality custom suit should have a full-length canvas that includes a chest piece, hand-rolled lapel, and pad stitching.


Keep the Shoulders Natural

Don’t go for shoulder pads in your custom suit. Instead, let your natural shoulders shine through. A natural shoulder along with a sleeve head offers a modern look you’ll love.


A White Custom Dress Shirt Goes with Any Suit

Be sure to also get at least one white custom dress shirt when you have your suit made. A white dress shirt always looks great, and it goes well with any suit that you choose.


Avoid Tailoring That’s Too Tight

When you’re ordering a custom suit, you want to make sure the suit fits you perfectly. Make sure that your tailoring isn’t too tight. You don’t want to look like you shimmied into a suit that doesn’t quite fit you. A well-tailored suit will fit you perfectly, customized to your measurements. But it should never look or feel too tight.


Don’t Forget About the Trouser Fit

Well-fitting trousers should be tailored to make your body look longer. A long leg, narrow opening, and minimal break in your trousers can add visual height.


Remember Tailoring is for Everyone

Tailoring isn’t just for the rich and famous — it’s for everyone. With a well-tailored, custom suit, anyone can feel confident in the way they look. If you’re ready to buy a custom suit and get a custom fit that always looks great, contact Enzo Custom today. We’ll help you set up a complimentary private appointment at one of our showrooms and get you on your way to loving the way you look.

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