How To Buy A Wedding Suit In 2019 - A Definitive Guide

Custom wedding suits have become the new norm when it comes to modern day weddings. Weddings are not just focusing all about the bride anymore. In today’s wedding trends, grooms have been sharing the spotlight too. When it comes to planning the wedding, an increasing number of grooms have started to get involved hands-on in organizing their big day alongside with their brides.

A new tradition is emerging when it comes to choosing the bridal dress and wedding suit of the groom. More savvy brides and grooms are choosing attire customization for their wedding day. Custom wedding suit has become the norm for the modern man. Since your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, it is necessary to splurge a little to look dashing on your wedding photos. Of course, the couple will be the most photographed during the event. All eyes and camera lens will be on you. Therefore, your wedding attire should be a priority investment. But with such great investment, you must also consider great value as well. You must consider the usability of the wedding suit after the wedding.

So we listed some helpful guide points in buying the perfect wedding suit for you. The custom suit for men should showcase your style and represents yourself accurately.

In a preview, here are the quick tips in buying a wedding suit:

  • Determine the level of formality of the wedding event
  • Coordinate with your bride so your suit will complement her wedding gown style
  • Decide on the after-event usability of your custom tuxedo for men
  • Choose some special trademarks for your suit to make it personal just for you


Now let’s get down to the details of buying your first suit or tuxedo tailor-made just for you. It is actually easier than you to think.

Tuxedo vs Suit

For starters, let us be clear about the difference between a tuxedo and a suit. A tuxedo has a satin usually facing on the lapel side, pocket trims, buttons, and a satin stripe down the trousers. Suits don’t have satins and will usually have plastic buttons or self-buttons (buttons faced with the same fabric as the suit).

 First: What’s the occasion?

Well, obviously it is for a wedding. This will usually be the first question every tailor will ask of you. It is important to mention the time of the wedding, though. Day time weddings require lighter shades of the custom suit for men. Night time weddings are perfect for darker shades of the wedding suit. Destination weddings are more tropical and humid; thus, will entail beige and brown fabrics for the custom suit for men.

Second: How formal is the occasion?

There are three (3) basic levels of event formality when it comes to a wedding event – casual, semi-casual or cocktail, and formal.


For a casual event like a beach wedding, the best choice of suit fabric would be a 100% cotton suit. Since the weather would likely be hotter and more humid, your custom wedding suit should be able to “breathe”.  Other suit fabric options for this type of event are linen and blended wool and linen fabric.  You probably are wearing casual shoes since you will be standing mostly on the sand. The key detail here is comfort. Your wedding suit and shoes must be comfortable and possibly breathable. You don’t want to feel uneasy and queasy during the ceremony just because you chose the wrong fabric for the occasion. Color should also complement the beach theme wedding. Stick to beige, tans, and light blues.

Semi Casual

For a semi-casual event like a barn or garden wedding, you will need a tuxedo that is classy but not too formal.  A soft grey tone, light blue or beige for your wedding suit would be most appropriate.  You opt for a solid color or with some texture and lines. Both ways will give you a great look at an outdoor occasion.


For a strictly formal occasion, it almost always involves wearing a traditional Marcella shirt, black satin bow, full black tuxedo, black socks, and black formal shoes. If you like a more toned down appearance, a black wedding suit will give you that James Bond look. A tuxedo symbolizes elegance. If you ever choose to wear a tuxedo to your wedding, every detail in your wedding should also display elegance from venue to glasses, to cake, souvenirs and the whole wedding heebie-jeebies.

Third: Your Bride’s Input.

Because you are heading for marriage and marriage is teamwork, you need to consult your wife about your choice of custom suit for men. She doesn’t need to reveal her dress design though, but both your wedding attire should match each other. Neither one should be too formal or less formal than the other but just enough not to overshadow the other’s attire. If the groom would wear a tuxedo, the bride should not wear a cocktail wedding dress but a long gown instead.  If you both agree that the bride want to wear a tea-length wedding dress, then the groom shouldn’t pick an overly formal tuxedo.

Fourth: Versatility

Choose a custom suit for men that you can wear from time to time when a special occasion comes. After your wedding, don’t let your suit gather dust in the closet. Decide on a dark suit that you can use in the office or future formal events.

Wearing it in the Office

If you are considering wearing your former wedding suit in the office, then go for something dark nearing the black shade. A charcoal-colored suit will be a good choice. If you already have a dark suit and this is going to be your second suit, shades of grey or navy blue are best. Not so many men have light grey and navy colored suits. Owning a piece of light-colored suits can set you apart. For a more unique style, don a Navy blue with plaid or textured fabric.

Try something new in buying your wedding suit. After all, it is your wedding; it can’t be too wild and crazy.


Wearing it for Going Out

Do you want to look dashing like James Bond? Then a tuxedo would be the apparent choice but a dark colored suit with a custom fit would come second best. You could go with various suit fabrics but you need to choose something dark. A dark suit can be suitable to wear for all kinds of occasions – be it at another wedding, a gala or a classy venue. Chances are likely high that the time of the event would be held at night time so you need something dark to dress appropriately.

Fifth: A Good Fit is Key.

A good fitting wedding suit is all you need to look fit and fab in a formal occasion. In fact, the fit is going to be the very first thing that people will notice. So whether you choose a tuxedo, a suit or very casual attire, fit is always the most important aspect. Even if you don’t opt for a custom suit for men, make sure that whoever is helping you pick out your wedding suit knows what he is doing. The easiest way to look gallant and dashing on your wedding day is wearing a well-fitting suit perfect for your body size.

Sixth: Personalization

Add a bit of personal touch to your wedding suit to make it unique only to you. You can add a monogram of your name on the inside of the jacket. You can also include the date of your wedding or a meaningful saying that means special to you and will remind you of your memorable wedding day.

Other personalization options include highlighting the lapel buttonhole or making the pocket seams color similar to the wedding motif. One sign of a custom suit is incorporating working buttonholes on your jacket sleeve.

Whatever customization you pick, it will reflect your style and taste.

It is going to be your wedding so whatever you choose will reflect your personality. Let you and your bride decide on how your wedding suit would be like. When you know you look great in your perfect fitting suit, you can focus your attention on enjoying the rest of the wedding.

It will take seven weeks to manufacture a custom suit for men. We want to make sure to deliver only quality and excellent wedding suit. Book an appointment with us to get a custom tuxedo for men.

You can check a more detailed step by step guide on how to buy a wedding suit here. Please let us know if you have any questions with your wedding attire. We would be glad to help you in dressing up fit and sharp to the level of James Bond reference!




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