Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Suits

No, we're not talking about that thing you're going to wear to your next poolside soirée. We're talking about a bona fide custom suit appropriate in style for the summer months, equipped with trousers, jacket, shirt, and all.

While the most popular suit styles for all seasons of the year are by far going to fall under the black, dark navy blue, and charcoal grey umbrellas, there is no sense in limiting yourself to only a portion of the visible color spectrum. It is true that it is more difficult to pull off more vibrant colors from a style standpoint, and it is perfectly understandable that many people opt for the more conservative classic black or neutral grey suit to use for all important functions in their busy lives. But when it is done tastefully, bright colors aren't just for celebrities and record producers. By going out of your comfort zone just a little bit, you might surprise yourself and look even more stunning than those around you who take the safe route with a solid black suit. The right patterns and the right colors can go quite a long way in bringing out your own personal style that you may not have known you had.

Color and Comfort

Black is, has been, and always will be the gold standard when it comes to suits. And while a black suit is generally appropriate for all occasions, it isn't always the most suitable. While most people are concerned with style alone, comfort is also an important aspect during the summer months, and certain colors will fare better depending on the environment that surrounds you. From a style perspective, almost anyone can rock a black suit at any function and get away with it. But black will also absorb more light than other colors and in turn, will transfer more heat to your body. This is clearly not ideal if you have to endure an outdoor July wedding on a clear day in Houston or an all-day graduation ceremony in Jacksonville. Lighter colors, in addition to being style enhancers, will also keep you cool.

When it comes to colors other than black, lighter and softer shades tend to be the way to go. A lighter blue or a soft neutral beige are great ways to accentuate your style during the day, and it will also keep that pesky sun from turning your brand-new dress shirt into a wet rag.

Pastel colors will let you stay cool and look cool simultaneously. A pastel color is essentially any color with just enough white in it to make it appear on the softer and paler side, and this is advantageous especially during outdoor functions. With a variety of styles and colors available, all of us here at Enzo Custom can work with your individual needs to find the right palette for your style sensibilities, all the while keeping you comfortable when you have to show up for your next event. But of course, it's not just about color. The fabric for your custom suit is just as important, if not more so. 


Most high-end custom suits are made from wool or cashmere, sometimes each material exclusively or a blend of both materials. In the summer months, however, these materials are oftentimes less than ideal because of their tendency to retain heat. When you're trying to find the perfect summer suit, it is usually advised to go with a cotton or linen fabric, but a wool blend is also acceptable. Even silk is occasionally used, but this suiting fabric is normally blended with another material due to silk's higher price point. While it is lighter than cashmere or wool, it does not breathe as well as cotton or cotton/wool blends, so the latter option may be the better choice for you if you are more concerned with comfort, and this is especially important in hotter climates. As far as suit materials go, the more natural it is the better. It is near-universally accepted that any suits made from synthetic fibers are to be avoided, and this general rule is even more vital in the summertime. Synthetic fibers tend not to breathe at all and can be uncomfortable to the touch, so be wary of any polyester or polyester blends that could leave you soaked, itchy, and miserable for an entire evening. All fabrics used at Enzo Custom are from a natural source, so whether you decide on linen, a blend, or a lighter wool, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable during all your summer endeavors.

Quality Over Quantity

Subtlety can go a long way, and this is particularly true for picking out the perfect summer suit when your color choices become more varied. Standing out in a crowd is one thing, but a loud color scheme isn't ever going to compensate for a suit not fitted to your body type or material that is poorly fabricated. As we previously stated, softer pastel colors are going to be superior to excessive brightness and saturation. Patterns can also add a nice touch to a tastefully colored summer suit, but they should accentuate the color scheme rather than be the center of it. Narrow shaded stripes and subtle tight plaid patterns won't leave you standing out in a not-so-good way like polka dots or motley shapes might, so it's important to go with something more or less on the symmetrical side. If you do decide to go with a pattern to accentuate your colors, try for something that is cohesive and uniform rather than wild and crazy. As the old saying in the fashion industry goes, it's best to reserve the leopard spots and zebra prints for a different era.

Another thing to keep in mind is the thread count. This is something that many people overlook, and because the term is more often used in the context of bed sheets, many also assume that a higher thread count is always better. Of course, this is not always so when it comes to suits. If the thread count is too high—and by this, we mean more than 200—the fibers tend to be very thin and therefore make the suit more prone to wear and tear, reducing its durability. With a thread count in the 120-170 range, the individual fibers of the suit will be thicker and as a result, will better hold up to the elements. When deciding on a material's thread count, balance is absolutely key, and our experienced clothiers will be able to tell you what is best for your summer suit based on how often you will be wearing it and what fabric you decide to choose.


With more colorful options available for summer suits, that means you will inevitably have more choices when it comes to pairing a shirt with your ensemble. While you can never really go wrong with classic white or a light shade of blue, you can certainly find something that fits from all spectrums of the color wheel. A light pink or mauve can match nicely with a light grey suit, and even shirts with tightly woven patterns are not completely out of the question.

You can never really go wrong with a classic button-down dress shirt, but depending on the function or event you have to attend, a summer suit also allows you to have more leeway in deciding what to wear underneath it. Our selection of dress shirts here at Enzo Custom will have you covered no matter what style or color you choose for your summer suit, but short-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, and even T-shirts in some cases might be acceptable if the event you're attending is more on the informal side. With warmer weather, dress codes tend to be a bit more relaxed everywhere, so if something other than a traditional dress shirt pairs nicely with your suit, don't be afraid to try it out.


Given the less formal aesthetic of some summer suits, it's sometimes feasible to forego the tie altogether, but ties can still add the perfect look for any occasion. If you're wearing a white dress shirt, it is always a sane style choice to match your tie with the suit itself, as it will complement the colors of your suit very nicely without taking attention away from it. As a general rule of thumb, you want your tie to accentuate your suit, and while a certain level of contrast is perfectly fine, your tie shouldn't be the exact opposite color of your suit. For example, in most circumstances, it would seem out of place to wear a white necktie and a white shirt with a black suit. Short of any drastic fashion offenses, a summer suit definitely gives you more style options and will allow you to express your personality more freely than the more restrictive black-tie dress code or more formal winter wear. 



Options, Options, and More Options

Summer suits are the perfect way to add more style and versatility to your wardrobe. By straying away from a traditional black ensemble, you'll be sure to impress everyone at your next event and stand out from the crowd. But summer suits aren't just for outdoor events, either. Tan and light grey suits are also ideal for everyday office attire, as this will add variation to your suit selections and you will never be caught wearing the same suit to work two days in a row. With so many styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from, all of us here at Enzo Custom want to make your shopping experience memorable. Contact us today and make a private appointment with one of our expert clothiers who will help you select the perfect summer suit to fit your own individual style.

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