Washington D.C.

Jacob grew up just outside of York Pennsylvania in an area best described as, “turn right at the cows and keep on going”. Moving to DC just over 10 years ago he began his career in suiting and client service with Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Transitioning into custom after 6 years in department stores was a really wonderful change. The level of detail and precision he could achieve was just not possible in altering off-the-rack garments and after 4 years in custom he knows he could never sell off-the-rack again. Jacob has a passion for making every man feel self-assured in his wardrobe. He wants them to look their best, feel confident in their suit, and feel a little a spark of joy every time they get to put it on. He knows that feeling amazing in your clothes is one of the surefire paths to success in anything you do.