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Beverly Hills Showroom: 150 S. Rodeo Dr. Suite 150; Beverly Hills CA 90212
Charlotte Showroom: 201 South College St. Suite 2255; Charlotte NC 28244

Born and raised in the Midwest, with a passion for menswear, Mikaela moved around the country constantly refining her craft in men’s custom clothing. After ultimately ending up in Charlotte, Mikaela’s motto for her clients has resonated clearly: A smile, good posture, and a well tailored suit can get you anywhere in life.

Chicago Showroom: 500 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 500; Chicago IL 60611

Born in Wisconsin, Josh chose to pursue a fashion degree, and graduated from Kent State University. Soon after he moved to Chicago and with over 5 years of work in the Menswear industry his experiences landed him in custom suiting and then Enzo. He believes that dressing for a decade rather than a year is an essential part of creating a wardrobe and that there’s no better way than creating something truly unique.

Tony Gonzales started his post Navy career in men’s clothing retail. He quickly found a passion in helping men of all ages look their best. He joined one of the largest retailers of tailored items in the country and quickly progressed through the ranks to become a trainer, where he helped others identify their passion for making people look great. An opportunity with a new made-to-measure company brought him to luxury retail and shortly after, he had the opportunity of a lifetime and joined Enzo Custom.

New York Showroom: 315 Madison Ave. 14th Floor; New York NY 10017

With over 27 years of retail experience focusing on men's luxury clothing, Guy brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to our Enzo New York Showroom. His clothier experience includes Bergdorf Goodman, Brioni, Ralph Lauren, Alfred Dunhill and Kiton with an intense focus on Custom and Bespoke clothing. The passion, energy and knowledge he brings to his appointments results in a fantastic client experience.

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Jordan acquired a job with one of the largest custom clothing manufacturers in the country right out of college which brought her to NYC and Enzo Custom. "I believe when you look good, you feel good and there is nothing quite like a man in a well fitting suit."

Markiel is originally from Atlanta, GA and he’s a self-proclaimed ‘homer’ for ATL sports, despite having lived in New York with his wife and kids for years. He became a custom clothier about 5 years ago and he hasn’t looked back. While he can help you accomplish whatever look you have in mind, his style is timeless, and he “…wants a man to be able to wear his suit for a long time, not just look on trend.”

Richard grew up in Queens, NY, and he has a passion for many things, including shoes, watches, the New York Giants, and of course tailored menswear. Richard has been working in custom suiting for nearly 11 years, and he prides himself on the wide range of knowledge he has on fit, style, and client preference.

James is originally from Louisville, Kentucky and has been interested in fashion from a very early age. He has been selling men’s clothing for over 20 years, with over 10 years at Ermenegildo Zegna. While there he spent time training at Zegna’s Made to Measure Academy in Italy and Switzerland. There he discovered his passion for fine fabrics and custom tailoring. That’s what brought him to Enzo, where he he appreciates the more personal connection with clients.

Originally from a small city in Westchester County, Will has been in the industry for over 9 years. He always appreciated the power of a great relationship and a good first impression, and believes that you should live your life dressed everyday like you’d dress for an interview - always happy to represent your best self. Throughout the years, Will has gained the trust of his peers as they seek his advice in all things fashion and takes pride in assisting and advising his many friends and clients.

Philadelphia Showroom: 1528 Walnut St. Suite 1401; Philadelphia PA 19102

Originally from New Jersey, Danielle has been in the menswear industry for over 5 years. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, she managed a high end European menswear company in Georgetown. Danielle prides herself in her ability to transform her clients’ wardrobes and in doing so instill a higher level of confidence in each person she works with.

A South Philadelphia native, Nick has been in the menswear industry for over 4 years. Nick worked as a training and store manager at Suit Supply and eventually found his way to Enzo Custom. He believes there is nothing better than a well tailored, custom suit to give a boost of confidence. When you are confident in what you’re doing, everything will fall into place.

Wall Street Showroom: 55 Broadway Suite 2701; New York NY 10006
Washington D.C. Showroom: 1001 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 1110; Washington D.C. 20036

Burgan has enjoyed watching Enzo successfully grow over the last six years. Burgan believes; today the manifestation of appropriate dress has not ranked high on the cultural curriculum of many. Dressing with intent is integral to a sophisticated presentation of oneself in public.

Jacob grew up just outside of York Pennsylvania and moved to DC just over 10 years ago. He began his career in suiting and client service with Nordstrom and Bloomingdales before transitioning into custom.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Romeo has been working in the fashion industry for over 5 years. He believes custom fitting is a powerful language that impacts how people present themselves and interact with others.